Designing Out Terrorism Conference Has Been Scheduled by UK Security Expo


The Designing Out Terrorism conference has been scheduled by UK Security Expo in order to provide a platform for the discussion of what would be needed to make building design more security focused. More than 250 exhibitors are expected to be represented at the event, which means that it will be a great opportunity to network and share ideas on a massive scale.

UK Security Expo has developed this conference in order to explore the different threats that are faced by the UK, including citizens, borders and infrastructure. The 250 exhibitors are thought to be amongst 10,000 visitors at the conference. These visitors are expected to have come from the Government, the transport industry, military, and emergency services as well as individuals from the public and private sectors.

The Designing Out Terrorism conference has been organised for the second day of the UK Security Expo event and will be a one day conference that is dedicated to this topic, looking at what could be done by master planners, architects and engineers in order to incorporate security into the design stage. The conference will cover topics such as BIM, and security as well as what occupant security strategies could be implemented and how crime prevention can be incorporated into the building and environmental design. It will also be considered whether the resilient materials and more enhanced blast-resistant façades could be used to effect going forward.

Attendees of the conference will also find out more about how buildings can be adapted in order to mitigate more marauding terrorist attacks and whether or not securing wider local areas can protect buildings as well as incorporating smart buildings, control systems and cyber threat. With some terror attack becoming more complex, continuing to use traditional building methods could make buildings and property vulnerable. Developing security regulations and options as technology adapts and improves is the best way to make sure buildings are as secure as possible.


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