Fire Safety is the Main Focus of Those Involved in Construction and Property Management


With the horrific news in recent weeks of the Grenfell fire in London, fire safety is the main focus of those involved in construction, property management and those working in local and national government.

One week after the tragedy took place FIREX International took place at London’s Excel. The event takes place for professionals in all areas of the industry to come together and discuss where the sector is and what needs to happen in order to make sure that people and property are better protected against fire.

As part of the event, GGF exhibited in order to increase their profile and concepts such as fire resistant glazing. The exhibition also showed the work that has been undertaken by the Fire Resistant Glazing Group of GGF that looked to educate, guide and showcase the importance of fire resistant glazed systems for those in attendance for the broader safety sector.

Across the three day FIREX International event, GGF showed their online video, “Fire Resistant Glazing – Getting it Right vs. Getting It Wrong”. The video is still available to access online and features a visual depiction of Fire Resistant Glazing, demonstrating why they should be used as well as why it should be installed correctly.

The event took place from the 19th to the 21st of June, and Richard Kells, the Technical Officer for GGF and the Secretary of the Fire Resistant Glazing Group was available throughout the event in order to answer any questions about the performance of their fire resistant glazing systems.

With the events at Grenfell, it is even more important to hold the FIREX International took place, especially for the GGF, as their presence at the event helped further raise the profile of fire resistant glazing options for the main figures in the fire safety sector. GGF also had information about their Beft Practice in the Specification and Use of Fire Resistant Glazed Systems at the enet which is also available online.


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