Hays Has Formed a Collaboration With the BIFM


The specialist recruitment company, Hays has formed a collaboration with the BIFM after hosting a series of talks at the BIFM Careers Zone which took place as part of the Facilities Show 2017. The collaboration that has been formed between the two companies have released an extensive guide designed to help those who are looking for a successful career within the facilities management sector.

Both BIFM and Hays have worked together to create the guide as a resource that can be utilized as a part of the job hunting process and covers the basics such as setting out your CV to more detailed advice about how applications can then be tailored to a particular role in the Facilities Management sector.

Another sector of the guide refers to how social media can be used for job searching as well as how they can have a negative impact on your job search. The guide focuses on recommending platforms that can be used to promote personal branding and the different ways of making sure that your social media can be used to showcase your skills and career interests. Also available in the Hays and BIFM guide is thorough advice for the interviewing process and how best to follow up afterwards.

The Facilities Management field is diverse and offers a wide range of different job roles, the partnership between BIFM and Hays will hopefully promote this as well as the constantly changing nature of the sector in order to attract more people to start a career in this sector.

The Guide: ‘ Finding a Job in Facilities Management; Your Guide to Success’ is available online and will aid people as they try and navigate the job hunting process during a period where demand is getting more and more fierce and the process of finding work at all is getting more and more complex.


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