Jet Aire Services Has Contracted to Carry Out New Refurbishment Works


Jet Aire Services has been contracted to carry out refurbishment works on a flood defence facility near Drax. The Leeds Based drainage company has been contracted as part of work to refurbish an essential flood defence for the area.

The work was being carried out on Lendall Pump Station, where a drainage pipe needed upgrade works carrying out. The project took three weeks and was organised in order to coincide with the twice daily low tides of the nearby River Ouse. The technicians working for Jet Aire had to travel within the 1524mm-diameter pipe in order to carry out work to reinforce the ten internal joint seals of the pipe.

The work that has been carried out by the Leeds based drainage company, Jet Aire Services, was the second phase a £20,000 maintenance programme that has been planned by Jet Aire. In 2010, an exploration with CCTV took place as a part of a through upgrade that had been planned in partnership with JBA Consulting, a Skipton based company. The wok is being carried out by Jet Aire and others on behalf of the Selby Area Internal Drainage Board.

Lendall Pump Station was first constructed in 1969 and the work that has taken place to refurbish this pump is one of 72 schemes of work taking place to improve the flood defence and alleviation systems in Yorkshire since the funding was announced for the work to be carried out by the Environment Agency in 2013. The contracted works being awarded to Jet Aire is a reflection of the companies abilities to carry out the work required. Jet Aire is considered to be one of only a few drainage contractors located in the north of the country that are able to carry out the work on the Lendall Pump project.


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