New Freelance Architecture and Engineering Platform in Development

The UK Government and the central bank of Lebanon has shown their support for a tech startup project which could see the way freelance engineers and architects are contacted forever. The platform that has been founded by Ramzi Jreidini will attempt to bring together clients that have construction projects with engineers and architects that would be required to complete them.

The platform Handiss is expected to become a globally known project quite soon after being selected for support by Nucleus which is an initiative with has been set up by The UK Lebanon Tech Hub. Handiss was one in seven projects to be selected for this support.

The platform looks to connect those working in the architecture or engineering industry to projects, on a project to project basis as opposed to to full time jobs. This is an innovative way of connecting clients to people in the industry. Other portals that may be similar to Handiss on the market focus solely on offering work as part of a full time job search for companies.

The Nucleus Initiative which has shown its support for the new platform is backed by the Central Bank of Lebanon as well as the UK Government. The Initiative was created in order to nurture entrepreneurial ideas as well as research and development projects that take place in Lebanon. The entrepreneurs that are supported by Nucleus are able to make the most of a 12 week period that offers opportunities for product development, and improvements to business models. There are also a range of workshops available that will help with areas such as finance and legal structures and raising capital. As part of the Nucleus Initiative, the companies will be given a board, much like the one on Dragon’s Den that will be filled with experts from relevant fields. Monthly board meetings will be carried out over the course of the programme in order to make sure that a plan for the company and the product or idea has been made and followed.


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