Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) essentials – Buxton, 14-15 June 2016

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HSL is to run a 2 day course on RPE Essentials.

14 – 15 June 2016


Whilst the use of RPE should only be considered when other
control measures are impractical or after their implementation a
residual risk remains, there are many workplace situations where
RPE is required.

RPE is capable of providing effective protection, provided that it
is correctly selected, used and maintained. Unsuitable, poorly
maintained and incorrectly used RPE may give limited protection, or
may not provide any protection. This could lead to ill heath in the
short or long term, with the possibility of permanent disability.
If the RPE is being used in conditions where there is an immediate
danger to life and health, the situation could prove fatal.

This course will increase your knowledge and understanding of RPE
and how it can be used effectively in the workplace as a control
measure. It will provide training in correctly selecting adequate
and suitable RPE (following the principles of HSG 53 and COSHH
essentials), and how it should be used and maintained. The course
will include practical elements to enhance learning and provide
practical skills.

What will the course cover?

  • What RPE is and how it works

  • RPE types – capabilities and limitations

  • Legal requirements

  • Correct selection

  • Wearer training

  • Correct use

  • Maintenance

  • Management – the ‘RPE Programme’

Who should attend?

Persons with responsibility for RPE selection, use and
maintenance in a workplace. Those who users may rely upon for
guidance on what equipment to obtain and use e.g. suppliers.


The course will be run at the HSL laboratory in the spa town of
Buxton. Buxton is in the heart of the Peak District and has good
links to mainline train stations and Manchester International

Details of hotels in the Buxton area can be found at


The cost of this course is £925 per person (includes course
notes, lunch and refreshments).

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weeks of the course date, or for overseas customers.

For further dates and additional information email:
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