Rubbish Clearance Employees Should Be Paid a Living Wage Says UK’s Clearabee


The Living Wage Foundation is an independent campaign organisation that strives to persuade employers to pay their employees an independently calculated minimum wage known as the Living Wage, so as to enable the employees to meet their basic needs in the United Kingdom.

The organisation began their operations in the year 2011, and publishes a specific figure as the annual Living-Wage to be paid by the employers. The employers who pay this wage are accredited by the organisation. The foundation campaigns for the idea that after a hard days’ work, employees deserve a fair pay for the day. The Living Wage Foundation recognises responsible employers who pay the Living Wage on the basis of the cost of living rather than the set government minimum.

The Living Wage Foundation sprout out of the Living Wage Campaign that started in London in the year 2001, launched by members of the London Citizens. The London Citizens was a community organisation and over time grew to be a nationwide organisation known as Citizens UK. The campaign agitated for workers in the country to be paid enough wages so as to be able to provide for the essentials of their families. Following various successes, the Citizens UK started the Living Wage Foundation in the year 2011, so as to accredit and provide intelligence to companies. According to the foundation, paying employees a Living Wage is not only ethical but also improves productivity and demonstrates best business practice.

The Living Wage is an hourly pay rate, set every year independently and is updated in November. It depends on the living cost and shows the minimum rate of pay that enables employees to provide the essentials of life to their families. This wage is based on a basket of goods consumed by ordinary people to enjoy a normal, healthy family life.

The Living Wage Foundation offers three key services:


They accredit employers paying the Living Wage to their employees. The employers who commit to implement the Living Wage over an agreed period of time are also awarded the Living Wage Employer Mark.


Based on the available verified evidence about the living standards in the United Kingdom and London, the Living Wage Foundation announces the Living Wage rates in November every year. They also offer advice to employers’ keen on implementing the Living Wage rates.


The Living Wage Foundation offers a forum for employers to join the independent movement of organisations, people and businesses campaigning for a wage that is enough to cater for a normal living. The organisation also coordinates the Living Wage Weak in November every year, which is a nationwide celebration for the Living Wage movement.

Clearabee is the largest in-house man and van style rubbish clearance firm in the United Kingdom. It is an on-demand rubbish clearance company, that was started in the year 2012 and employs over 160 staff with a fleet of over 60 vehicles. Clearabee started providing rubbish clearance services in the year 2013 in Northampton but expanded country wide over time.

Clearabee became the first nationwide company offering rubbish clearance services to be accredited as a Living Wage employer. This commitment means that all employees working at Clearabee whether on permanent basis or contractor and suppliers; receive the minimum hourly wage rate, the Living Wage. The Living Wage is significantly higher than the national minimum wage set by the government. This means that Clearabee employees earn more than their counterparts in rubbish clearance firms that are not accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. The Managing Director and Founder of Clearabee is quoted saying that with the payment of the Living Wage to their employees, Clearabee is able to attract and retain the best junk operators there is in the rubbish clearance business. Moreover, Clearabee is able to provide its customers; both commercial and domestic, with highly professional service.

Employees at Clearabee have shown a better psychological well-being than their counterparts in the rubbish clearance companies that are not Living Wage accredited. This has been demonstrated by improvement in their attitude, stability and general characteristics. The reputation benefit to Clearabee has also grown significantly. This way, they are able to attract new business and customers. Clients have over time insinuated that Living Wage has reinforced Clearabee’s reputation and brand. Other rubbish clearance firms have to with time get accredited to maintain their brands. This illustrates a huge support to the Living Wage in the United Kingdom.

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