Streetspace Announced That They Had Outgrown Their Location in Wootton


Streetspace, a leading manufacturing company dealing in canopies and street furniture have announced that they will be moving to Lympne Industrial Park in Hythe. The business announced that they had outgrown their location in Wootton which is near Dover and have decided to move to larger accommodation to allow their company the opportunity to continue to grow.

The move to Lympne Industrial park in Hythe will offer the canopy and street furniture manufacturer double the quality of the factory dspace that is currently available to them in Wootton.The move will also allow the company four times as much office and amenity space. This larger space will allow Streetspace the room to expand and to continue to grow.

This move, however productive, is only temporary. Streetspace is relocating to Hyth for the interim while their new facility which is being constructed at Honeywood Parkway in Whitfield continues through the planning, design and construction stages of works. The Honeywood site that is being built for the business measures 25,000 sq.ft.

Streetspace have been operating out of their Wooton location for the past 20 years and with the business growing as successfully as it is, more space is required to flourish going forward. The company felt that it was time to move on and into a larger space that will allow the company to cope better with their increased number of orders while still being able to deliver the expected high standard of customer service.

The larger space will also allow Streetspace the opportunity to carry out further product development to ensure that they are offering the the best products to their end users possible. The new site will offer more space for the company’s expanding team which will make the facility a more comfortable place to work as well as increasing the available space and providing room for more staff members if needed going forward.


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