3b construction Supplied with New Bespoke Andover Truck and Trailer


Civil engineering and construction company, 3b engineering has had a working relationship with Andover Trailers for more than 30 years. Although the family run company has used other vehicle suppliers alongside this, they are returning to Andover in order to make the most of their high quality builds and cost effective bespoke vehicles.


Andover Trailers have delivered a new truck and drawbar trailer combination to 3b construction to be used as part of their operations transporting a range of construction plant payloads to jobs around the UK. The new truck and trailer combination has been tailor made and is an Andover plant body with a 53mt crane supplied by Palfinger and also fitted with a new Scania 8×2 rear steer truck. This truck has been supplied to the civil engineering and construction company with a 24-tonne tri-axle drawbar trailer that has been built ne Andover.


The new truck will replace a 6×2 DAF that was sourced from a competitor of Andover’s, with 3b construction choosing to go back to the more cost effective longevity of Andover vehicles as opposed to a cheaper alternative. The new vehicle that has been delivered to 3b construction required Andover’s expertise for the creation and delivery of these new vehicles, as they reflect a new approach for the company and had a specific set of requirements for the vehicle.  Andover is well known and well thought of by 3b construction, giving assurance that the company’s requirements will be met.


The vehicles also come fitted with a removable fixed width working at height system for both the truck and the trailer in order to meet the requirements of a growing number of constructions sites that specify its use. Also fitted to the new vehicle is a flip toe ramp. Fitted to the trailer, the flip toe ramps allow for a shallower loading angle to be used for low ground clearance machines. This system also keeps the height of the vehicle to a minimum and therefore reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle.



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