AECOM Call for Increase in Apprentices


The global provider of infrastructure, AECOM has said that it is important for the infrastructure industry to do more in terms of encouraging the younger generation to think about an apprenticeship in this area. In order to improve the capacity of the industry, talent needs to be attracted through the use of a number of different routes.

Mainly in order to make sure that the infrastructure industry doesn’t suffer a serious skills shortage or becomes unable to develop to its potential, the attention of young people is needed. AECOM has said that gaining the imagination of young people and encouraging them to apply for apprenticeships after their GCSEs is vital for the future growth of the industry.

The use of outreach programmes have been recommended, going into schools in order to present students and young people with a larger view of the jobs market and the range of different careers on offer. AECOM employees utilize this approach across the UK in order to inform young people about careers in this sector.

The UK has set out an ambitious plan for the future with a large number of associated infrastructure projects. However, over the course of the next few months it will be important to see if the industry can continue to maintain their build capacity. There is concern about whether there are enough skilled professionals working in this area to carry out the sheer volume of schemes that have been planned across the UK. By using outreach programs and showing younger people what a career in engineering could include is vital to increase the skills available and maintain the industry, allowing these ambitious infrastructure plans to be carried out. It has been estimated that the UK will need more than 150,000 people qualified at Level 3 or above each ear until 2024. However, with the apprenticeship levy, companies could be reducing the number of apprentices they are taking on at the moment they need to be increasing their number.


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