BOHS Autumn Focus on Asbestos


The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, BOHS will be specifically highlighting asbestos awareness over the course of the autumn. This increased focus has been announced when the organisation continues to set the standard with asbestos qualifications as well as lead the way on an international scale with the continued protection against asbestos.

BOHS will be launching their new faculty for asbestos professionals this autumn, which will be called the Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management, FAAM. This faculty is expected to launch on the 11th October 2017, coinciding with the first BOHS asbestos roadshows. This travelling programme of shows will be taking place across October and November.

The asbestos roadshows are being held by BOHS in partnership with HSE, and it is thought that the information on offer at these events will be of great benefit for professionals working with asbestos as well as those with a responsibility to manage the risk associated with the product. The roadshows are seen as a vital source of information for individuals or companies who want and need to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry. The asbestos roadshows also offer vital information about the duty to manage and the HSE asbestos analyst inspection programme.

There will be a full agenda released in regards to the roadshow closer to the event dates however there are a range of items expected to be included such as an overview of FAAM, the presence of asbestos in soils, the Dutyholder Guide, sentencing guidelines and the HSE Analyst Inspection programme.

Each year, it has been recorded that around 5000 workers are killed each year, with 20 tradesmen dying each week because of a previous exposure. Therefore, it is important that the continued management of asbestos detection, removal and protection in construction and other industries is maintained.  


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