Buildbase Continues to Use Doosan


One of the fastest growing builder’s merchant in the UK, Buildbase, has been expanding the service support that they use for their forklift truck fleet. This support is provided to Buildbase, who has over 165 branches nationwide, by Rushlift which is a UK subsidiary of Doosan.

The builder’s merchant has a reputation for excellent customer services as well as product availability and fast delivery. The builder’s merchants sector has to have the mechanical requirements to remain competitive in terms of service, availability and delivery. Therefore, the businesses operating in this industry need to be able to handle a range of heavy materials daily. As part of their operations companies also need to have a rapid and efficient system in place to handle the loading and unloading of vehicles as well as lifting and placement of heavy goods. These operations are carried out by a forklift truck fleet, and are vital to the operation of the company.

Because of the dependence on forklifts in the builder’s merchant industry, it is important that a good service plan is also in place, to maintain the fleet and fix any problems as soon as possible. Therefore Buildbase has been working with Rushlift and Doosan in order to make sure that the company’s fleet of forklift trucks have as much uptime as possible.

The business relationship between Buildbase and Doosan has developed since 2016, gradually improved. In 2016 Buildbase ordered 30 new Doosan 3 tonne and 3.5 tonne diesel powered counterbalanced trucks which have been put to work across a number of the builder’s merchant’s sites. The D30S-5 and D33S-5 vehicles that were supplied met the requirement of simplicity for Buildbase, reliable vehicles that are easy to maintain.

Doosan also have a parts centre in Northampton that can dispatch parts overnight in order to get repairs completed as soon as possible. Rushlift also offer the option of Bobcat tele-handlers, vehicles which are also manufactured by Doosan.


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