On The 15th of November, the first Water Mist Seminar will be held in Poland. The event will take place at the Galaxy Hotel in Cracow and will promote water mist technology to the attendees. In charge of organising this event is the International Water Mist Association. The Association was first founded in 1988 and focuses on the technology related to the water-mist firefighting and other related areas.


With the announcement of the Cracow event, the webpage connected to the seminar has been launched and can be accessed through the IWMA homepage. Tickets are available for the Water Mist Seminar and the event is free for delegates wanting to learn more about this fire suppression technology.


The International Water Mist Association works to promote the developments that take place in the water mist fire suppression sector, the association promotes this fire suppression technology on a worldwide scale and offer seminars like the one that will be held in Cracow around the world. It is important for the International Water Mist Association to offer these seminars to delegates in order to educate and inform those wanting to know more about the new ways that they can use water mist technology.


The Association is also promoting the new equipment that is now available for fire suppression. The Water mist systems are able to use smaller water droplets and thinner pipes while still being effective, this means that fire suppression systems are smaller and more discreet, improving safety when installed without being an obtrusive feature of a building or construction project.


During the one-day event at the Galaxy Hotel in Cracow, a collection of guest speakers will give detailed explanations about how water mist works as a fire suppression technique. The speakers at the November event will also discuss installation and maintenance requirements of the systems. The Water Mist Seminar is a great opportunity for the delegates that attend the event to improve and update their knowledge about the standards, guidelines and approvals of these safety solutions. There will also be an exhibition to accompany the seminar.