GRAHAM Contracted for Road Improvements by Highways England


Highways England has contracted GRAHAM for improvement works to be carried out on four major roads located in the East of England. The work has been granted to GRAHAM in the form of two major packages that will cover improvements to the A47, A11, A1 and A12. The contract has been valued at £19 million and will also see a number of safety improvements made including surfacing structures and technology schemes.

The civil engineering work that will be carried out by GRAHAM will greatly improve the road users experience of the network being improved as well as hopefully the reduction of journey times for the hundreds and thousands of people who use these routes. The road improvements will extend between Peterborough, Norwich and Lowestoft via Great Yarmouth.

GRAHAM has been delivered these two major project packages as a part of a collaborative delivery framework. This means that projects have been grouped together in terms of the area of completion. The team from GRAHAM have already been working on the project by communicating with stakeholder groups as well as the communities where the work will be carried out in order to create and develop a strong and effective relationships as well as make sure that clear lines of communication are in place while the work is being carried out.

For GRAHAM it is great to be working with Highways England, who will be developing their long-term collaborative relationship even more through the completion of this prestigious contract. Throughout this civil engineering contract, GRAHAM is focused on keeping the local community and local stakeholders involved in the project in order to make the most of the local knowledge of the roads and the improvements that will be beneficial to local and long-distance travelers.

This new civil engineering contract is the most recent and significant contract to be awarded to the constantly expanded civil engineering division of GRAHAM.


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