Kier Awarded CCS Ultra for Welsh Development


The Considerate Constructors Scheme, otherwise known as CCS, has awarded the construction and engineering group Kier with their first Utra site award. This accolade has been given to the construction group for their project in Wales. The Kier Sports Park 2 development is located on Treforest Industrial Estate and has managed to become the only site in the whole of Wales to be given the title.

For a site to be considered to the Ultra award, the main contractor must get all of the subcontractors, designers and suppliers for the construction work to sign up to the scheme. This means that everyone working on a project are then able to all work together in order to make sure that they achieve the highest score possible. Kier managed this by putting a number of measures in place and also worked in collaboration with the supply chain for the Sports Park 2 in order to ensure everyone is working together to achieve the best score they can.

As part of the work towards the Ultra award, Kier installed on the site an interactive hoarding to be used by the public. This feature allowed people near to the site to be able to see what the scheme will look like when construction work is completed. On the hoarding there was a painted silhouette of a sea telescope that acted as a viewing hole, encouraging people to look into the box weatherproof box that contained a digital picture frame loaded with computer generated images of the finished site.

Since the scheme began Kier have been focused on looking at a number of different ways in which the sirte operations can be improved as well as improving public engagement. Being able to achieve the CCS Ultra scheme is great news for the company and the site as it reflects the hard work put in by subcontractors and workers on the site as well as the opportunity to meet their own business targets.


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