LIA and LAI Sign Agreement


An agreement has been reached between the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and the Lighting Association Ireland (LAI). This agreement comes as the two lighting associations have been in discussions and come to the conclusion that they share a similar outlook and philosophy in regards to their members and the future of the lighting industry. It is thought that the two associations can make significant improvements by working together.

The Lighting Association Ireland has been in operation for three years, and in this time the organisation has been able to have valuable input into the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of lighting being carried out across Ireland. On the other hand, The Lighting Industry Association has been a dominant part of the industry landscape for the past 80 years and is the largest Trade Association in Europe for professionals working with lighting equipment. The older LIA will be able to offer insight and knowledge to the agreement that has been developed from years of working within the industry. The LAI will offer new and innovative solutions and possibilities for how changes could improve the lighting industry for their members in the future.

The LIA has more than 250 members and is considered around the world as an authority in the industry. This means that the agreement will allow all of the members of both of the organisations to make the most of any changes that are made, and the associated benefits. Also, as part of the agreement that has been reached between the LIA and the LAI, all members will share the range of benefits on offer between the organisations, including training opportunities, social events perfect for networking and the LIA’s UKAS accredited lighting laboratory.

With Brexit on the horizon, this agreement will create ties that are mutually beneficial for the industry and its continued improvement going forward.


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