New Chief Executive Appointed for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

A new Chief Executive has been appointed for The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, or SFHA. Stepping into the role is Sally Thomas, who will be replacing the former Chief Executive, Mary Taylor as she retires after seven years working for the Federation.

Before her appointment to the lead role at the SFHA, Sally was working in the position of Head of Community Investment at the North Star Housing Group, which is located in the north east of England. In this role, Sally was seconded between April 2016 and April2-017 to the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust, where she filled the role of Director of Communities. In this position, Sally had the responsibility of developing and delivering a range of community investment as well as a selection of social purpose programmes.

Sally Thomas will bring a wealth of experience to her new role as Chief Executive of the SFHA and will no doubt get involved with tackling the challenges ahead. The housing sector in Scotland has a number of hurdles ahead; the Scottish Government has set a target to create 50,000 affordable homes, Brexit an uncertainty that sits in the horizon, the impact on tenants and landlords from the ongoing welfare reforms and a more fluid political climate at the moment. The challenges ahead also offer the industry a range of valuable opportunities, creating trade apprenticeships and housing more of the poorest in Scotland. Sally Thomas will be working closely to make sure that the next generation of affordable housing can be delivered.

The new Chief Executive has said that the Federation will work to make sure that its members will be in the position to respond and react to the challenges that the housing industry face as well as being in a position to make the most of the opportunities on offer.


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