In order to improve Health and Safety, Scot-Train’s has introduced a bespoke occupational health service to benefit their workers. To Scot-Train and businesses across the rail industry, employee health and wellbeing is of vital importance. It is thought that sickness in this industry alone costs approximately £316 million each year. With similar costs across a range of different industries it is of vital importance that as much as possible is done in order to ensure the safety of employees, and make sure that they remain as healthy as possible so businesses don’t lose as much to employee ill health.


As a response to this increased focus on workplace health and wellbeing, Scot-Train, the the specialised service company that is a part of SWGR Training Services in Glasgow. The company has introduced a comprehensive collection of occupational health services that have been specially designed in order to cater to those who work in the construction, rail and engineering services.


The new Scot-Train services that have been introduced includes an occupational health consultancy as well as health checks that focus on a range of specific conditions that are common in the employees’ respective industries. This new service provides workers to great health facilities, but also makes sure that health and wellbeing practices are upheld and improved on in order to ensure employees are able to work at their most efficient.


Alongside regular health checks for employees, Scot-Train also provides more education for staff that work in Human Resources roles in order to improve health and wellbeing practices and make sure that they are upheld in all working environments. Scot-Train also look into the mental health practices and procedures used by a company in the event of an accident or incident that requires investigation.


Providing a high standard of occupational health is vital to the operation of a business, therefore the promoting the use of both mental and physical health checks and services businesses will be able to improve their productivity and see better value for money from their services.