It’s quite difficult to know if the time has come to buy a new computer. Most of us manage to live with the flukes of our PCs. At times, we even go the extra mile by restarting it often to make it work or we just wiggle the USB cable. Thus, we frequently use the machines even if they have passed their prime. But, this doesn’t have to be the case! The below signs will tell you that it’s the time to break it up with your old computer.

It cannot connect to anything

Things that make your computer age faster that it should are new gadgets! A new massive 4K monitor, a high-quality 802.11ac router or a fancy new USB-C plug… The accessories can quickly make you realise that you are settling for lower resolutions, slow speed and outdated adapters. You might want to get a new computer which lets you enjoy all the perks.

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It runs slow

It can be quite hard to define slowness, but you will know it when it starts happening. Some of the signs are you can make a cup of tea and drink it, and your computer is still booting up. Or the screen just freezes when you have only 2 or 3 tabs open on your browser and when you are trying many words but they start appearing on the screen after a lot of time and that too, one by one! You can get rid of these constraints by cleaning up your CPU. However, this will also fix the hardware issues, the software is still going to be s-l-o-w! Keep in mind that when things are no longer working how they should do, you are fighting a battle that’s already been lost!

The Noisiness

A PC tends to become louder than it was at the beginning. When you turn it on, you can hear the hard drive creaking. Some of these sounds indicate that there is a failure in the hardware. If the noises can be heard in distance, you better be afraid! The fan of the CPU also gets louder as it might be working harder than it used to, or the components might be overheating. Just like weird sounds coming from a car is bad sign, the same applies to a PC. Instead of dealing with potential hinges, broken ports or dead batteries, it’s better to move on.