The construction industry is constantly adapting and changing in order to find solutions to new problems and the development of new approaches in order to deal with older more long term issues within the industry. As a part of this, contractors in the construction industry find themselves having to work faster and faster across an ever expanding range of sites. With the increased volume and variety of demand in the construction industry, one issue that arises is how the weekly hours worked by the operatives are tracked and monitored.  Some operative may only be required on site one day at a time, and some may be required for longer periods, making it difficult to monitor the working schedules of operatives with a one-size-fits-all solution.

TONE Scaffolding Services is an independant contractor and has found that a possible solution to the tis challenge. The Scaffolding supplier and contractor has opted to work smarter and use a MobileClocking in order to monitor time and attendance through a smartphone app. This mobile clocking device uses facial recognition software from the specialist Aurora. By using this app, TONE has a record of the precise location of operatives at certain times in order to remove the arguments about the number of hours worked. This will ensure that reports are written up properly and operative’s wages are paid correctly.

TONE Scaffolding Services is the leading scaffolding contractor in the UK.The company is based in Croydon and is well known for delivering high quality scaffolding even on some of the most complex of projects. TONE works across five different divisions including Rail, Power, Town, Aviation and Industrial. TNOE also operate a Special Projects division that allows for larger one off projects.

The previous clocking in system that was used by TONE was ideal for operations that were more long term, and the plan was for the company to be working on the site for a year or two. This old method was static and with the speed of construction project turnarounds increasing, TONE were in need of a solution that was better suited to the changing industry.