Trimo Has Released News That They Will be Holding a Selection of National Workshops


Trimo is known for being a leading provider of architectural solutions, the company has released news that they will be holding a selection of national workshops in order to improve fire safety in the building industry.

Trimo was first established in 1961, operating for more than 50 years and has developed a wealth of experience in the manufacturing of sustainable cladding systems. The company has become well known for their complete envelope solutions as well as their specialist knowledge and reliability. The well-established company is using this good source of information in order offer expert advice to those looking for advice and support.

The workshops that will be held by Trimo are all CPD-certified and will cover a range of different topics such as insurance, fire testing, materials used and their installation and building regulations in relation to fire and fire safety.

Following the recent headlines of cladding test failures after the catastrophic events at Grenfell Tower in London, a vast number of construction companies are wanting reassurance that what they known about the industry and fire standards does actually meet industry standards. Therefore, the CPD-certified workshops being offered by Trimo are an excellent resource for those seeking extra training or reassurance about their fire safety knowledge and standards.

The workshops will also offer companies the opportunity to bring up and discuss and questions and concerns in regards to fire safety procedures and requirements that they may have. The aim Trimo is trying to achieve by holding these sessions is to make sure that participants are able to access the most up to date information and guidance from the cladding experts at Trimo. The company are hoping that these sessions will help the building industry learn and recover from the recent and horrific incident, as well as making sure that fire safety is kept as a priority in all future construction projects.


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