2017 Serpentine Pavillion Extended Opening


The 2017 Serpentine Pavilion will be remaining open for a further six weeks because of popular demand. The Pavilion will now be open until the 19th of November. AECOM has collaborated with David Glover in order to create the technical advisory services used in the fifth annual Pavillion. David Glover provided the structural and civil engineering as well as the fire and electrical engineering and lighting design for the project.

This year’s Pavilion was designed by an award-winning architect Diébédo Francis Kéré, from Gando in Burkina Faso. Diébédo responded to the design brief with a bold and innovative structure that brings his trademark feel of light and life. The Serpentine Pavilion has been constructed in Kensington Gardens and reflects the architects aim of connecting people together and to nature.

This year’s Pavilion has an exposed canopy structure which has been engineered by AECOM, and has been created with a range of traditional materials that can encourage visitors to engage with the structure. The architect felt that it was important to make the Pavilion a beacon of light at night. In order to achieve this, AECOM worked with the architect and the contractor, Stage One, in order to deliver visualisations of the final designs. AECOM engineers were involved with the creating the mood of the structure, with a subtle and inviting glow.

This year, the Pavilion design has been ambitious and has been successfully completed with the hard work and dedication of everyone involved on the project. A large number of visitors have come to enjoy the Serpentine Pavilion and it will be great to see how the lighting feature will take centre stage as the nights draw in. The Serpentine Pavillion put forward an interesting challenge to the engineers involved, as a knowledge of the materials, planning and Building Control regulations put in pace was needed in order to turn the structure in to functional and buildable spaces in a way that still maintains the original architecture and artistic vision.


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