The world of the production of blocks and cobbles never ceases to surprise us

The world of the production of blocks and cobbles never ceases to surprise us, and at the moment has opted to offer machinery of professional block that adapts to any type of need that the client has, all this to be able to help to hasten the work so that the constructions can be done in a shorter span of time but with the quality and strength it requires.

Having a good blocking machine is very important, since it is the one that will guarantee the speed with which you can lift the constructions and the good thing is that it is nothing more in the scope of big constructions but also for houses, Local, business and if you want to create your own company concrete blocks, having a good block machine is completely indispensable for you.

Whether it is to produce concrete blocks, curbs, cobblestones or double-layer elements, Rometa Block’s machines will always provide you with all kinds of semiautomatic or fully automatic professional blocking machines, so you can choose the one that best suits your type of work. All the machines incorporate an online technical assistance system so that at all times you are well informed of the correct use that you must give these machines so that your work is perfectly and as you are looking for it.

If you have never heard of this type of machinery you probably are not clear how it works; So to give you an idea we break down the production figures: There are block machines that produce 500 blocks an hour (at a lower price), and others that can produce up to 3000 blocks an hour.

This type of machinery can be adapted to any type of project, everything will depend on the needs that the client has. For example, block machines can be installed in concrete plants with planetary mixer for large productions, or in plants for the manufacture of blocks, curbs, pavers, pipes and beams.

The star of block machinery: Rometa 2010

There are many block making machines related to the production and distribution of blocks and pavers, however there is one that stands out above the rest due to the excellent performance it presents.

The Rometa 2010 is an automatic blocking machine capable of producing 900 blocks an hour, all with the same quality. It has capacity for 5 blocks or 6 vaults, and is perfect for the manufacture of pavers per cycle. If you want to know more about this great block machine, consult here more information.

This type of blocking machine can be accompanied by something else, such as an exit table with a 3-tray manual trolley, or an 8-tray lift / descender. In addition with it, we can carry out the manufacture of different types of pieces like pavers, blocks, vaults or curbs. Its ease of installation and assembly will leave you fascinated, and even more its ease of use.

Rometa 2010 is able to withstand a press weight of more than 6000 kg, making it ideal for jobs with large loads of weight. In addition the block is fully automatic and always guarantees the same quality.

Installation based on Rometa 2010 machine, with tray of 1200 x 600 mm, with capacity of 5 blocks of 20 x 20 x 40, or 6 vaults of 16. They work for the manufacture of 0.5 m2 of pavement per cycle. It has vibrators of 10 Cv, for filling and compression of the mold.

Types of machines block Rometa 2010

To know more about this machinery, you must know with total luxury of detail all the characteristics of the machine of block Rometa 2010. And is that there is not a single type of Rometa 2010, depending on the type of work that we are going to play we can choose one of the following settings:

Rometa 2010 configuration 10. This type of machine is compressor and vibrocompressor, and incorporates a table of exit. With it can be transported up to 3 trays with manual trolley, and perform drying functions of the pieces. The palletizing in this case is manual, while the mixer is automatic. The loading of aggregates and cement is also carried out manually.

Rometa 2010 configuration 30. This type of machine is also vibrocompressor and automatic. It incorporates a pneumatic elevator of 6 trays, and allows you transporting the material to the zone of drying through a motor car. Its palletizing is semi-automatic, while the dosing of the cement is done manually.

Rometa 2010 configuration 50. Finally, there is this automatic and compressor vibrocompressor, which incorporates an elevator / descender and a drying zone of the parts, which can be accessed by wheelbarrow through the work of some operators. In this type of machine you can choose the type of palletizing, which can be semiautomatic or automatic. It also incorporates an automatic mixer, an automatic cement scale and an automatic aggregate dosage.

If you have a company dedicated to working with concrete blocks, curbs, pavers, pipes and beams, Rometa 2010 may be the type of production machine you were waiting for. So do not think about it anymore, and take a closer look at the spectacular features offered by this block machine.

On the other hand, Rometa has another line of block’s machines which are as good as this machine that we have just presented, for example is the Rometa 2030 block’s machine which is prepared to work two shifts a day, suitable for working in hot countries. It has large structure.

It is a medium capacity, high quality installation with a vibrating compressor of great resistance, with vibration of 20 Cv, with internal agitator, hydraulic equipment of 2 pumps, extraction of the trays with variador of speed, with 2 columns of 100 mm.

In contrast, the Rometa 2050 block’s machine is a high capacity, high quality installation with a high resistance vibrator compressor, with a structure of 200 mm with vibration of 20 + 20 Cv, with internal stirrer, hydraulic equipment of 2 pumps, variation of vibration. It has an extraction of trays with speed variator, with 4 columns of 80 mm. Vibrators against mold. It always is made with a large working tray of 1200 mm x 700 mm.

And lastly the Rometa 4050 block’s machine which is a medium capacity installation of high quality, with a vibrating compressor of great resistance, with a structure of 200 mm with vibration of 30 + 30 Cv, with internal agitator, hydraulic equipment of 2 pumps , Variation of vibration. It has an extraction of the trays with speed variator, with 4 columns of 100 mm, vibrators against mold.


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