Erika Pärn has carried out studies to look into how construction methods that are more technologically
advanced could change the industry and how they carry out mapping for entire buildings, cities and road
networks. Erika is a Lecturer at Birmingham University and specialises in Architectural Technology. She
has shown through her research that technology could have a significant impact on the mapping abilities
of the construction industry.
It is thought that digital building techniques can be used in order to radically transform infrastructure
and communities. This could be the redesigning of an international tourist hotspot or the
redevelopment of slums and shanty towns. It is thought that the work in to this field that has been
carried out by Erika Pärn is groundbreaking. Her research was recently presented as part of one of the
major international infrastructure conferences which took place in Ghana. At this conference Erika gave
the keynote speech. The speech was delivered by Erika to a large audience, among them was the
Minister for Environment, Science and Technology as well as the Ashanti Minister and the Mayor of
As part of her presentation of the conference in Ghana, Erika Pärn showed that using the technology
that is slowly coming on to the market can give a clearer idea of how people use land and infrastructure
in order to be cleverer with designing and create communities that are more responsive as well as
delivering a number of different cost savings when carrying out schemes that ae government funded.
Erika Pärn’s research focused on technologies that are currently being utilizes when creating modern
commercial spaces and how they can be adapted in order to design smarter cities that are built with the
proper facilities and amenities to suit the inhabitants’ needs whether they are affluent or more
deprived. Technology like Building Information Modeling are usually used individually on a project, but it
is thought that by merging them with other both new and established technologies can be used
together in order to help decide on the best locations for infrastructure development.

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