APHC and City & Guilds offer free technical workshops

APHC and City & Guilds offer free technical workshops

Published:  19 August, 2016

Throughout October 2016, The Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) in collaboration with City & Guilds will be hosting a series of free technical workshops across England and Wales.

These morning sessions will be offering plumbing and heating installers the opportunity to shape their industry and give their views on the following important topics:

New Water Supplies, Water Efficiency Calculations and meeting the requirements of Part G of Building Regulations

More developers are asking for this information to meet Building Regulations requirements. With the Water Efficiency Calculator no longer used and standard modelling available, attending this session will allow installers to ensure that they are up to date to meet this demand.

The New Plumbing Apprenticeship

In March 2016, APHC held workshops which gave plumbing and heating installers the chance to express their views on the new Apprenticeship Standard. This latest free session is their chance to tell APHC what they have got to say about the technical content involved in the learning material, as well as providing them with an exclusive opportunity to look at the assessment methodologies.

This October, the technical workshops will be held across the following dates and locations:

  • 13 October – Dartford
  • 19 October – Solihull
  • 20 October – Wakefield
  • 25 October – Taunton
  • 26 October – Newport.

For more information or to book a place, email or call 0121 711 5030.

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