Green Park Weir Renovation Competed


A £2.7 million improvement project carried out by APB South Wales has been completed. The work has been carried out the upgrade Green Park Weir on the River Afan, located in Port Talbot. The site was officially reopened by Aberavon AM David Rees on the 14th September.

Green Park Weir was in need of the major renovation work in order to rebuild the Weir as it has been deteriorating year on year since the 1890’s. The improvement project has taken place as a result of a collaboration between members of the River Afan Water Management Group, who have been working together for a number of years in order to deliver more sustainable natural resource management at the site.

The group working on the natural resource management has brought together a number of key stakeholders. The River Afan Water Management Group consists of Associated British Ports, Natural Resources Wales, Tata Steel, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and the Afan Valley Angling Club. The renovation work will see that they security of the river as well as the long term ability to supply the steelworks is assured going forward.

Green Park Weir has been a complicated renovation project because the whole of the Weir needed to be refurbished while also working within the river itself. The River is known to be very important for the local environment as well as being a vital component of the local industry. It is great that the River Afan Water Management Group managed to complete the upgrading project in such a way that benefitted all of the stakeholders that use the river as well as the making sure that the river is around for many more years to come.

The design of the newly refurbished Green Park Weir is attractive and a tribute to all of the hard work and dedication of those involved to complete such a complex project to the highest standard. The refurbishment of the River is also a milestone for the Afan Valley Angling Club, and their recovery. The club is grateful to all of those who worked on the project, from inception to completion.


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