Salix Homes Multi-Million-Pound Investment in Salford


Salix Homes has awarded a number of contracts as a part of a multi-million-pound investment programme. Salix Homes has awarded contracts to five construction specialists that operate in the north west of the country. Each of the companies have been awarded a share of the multi-million-pound contract that will see social housing in Salford transformed.

Salix Homes owns in excess of 8,000 homes located across Salford. The company has announced their principal contractors who have been asked to deliver a £38 million investment project. This scheme of works has been planned to take place over the course of the next three years in order to rejuvenate the social houses Salix has in Salford.

The five construction contracts have been given to Emanuel Whittaker, Jackson and Jackson, The Casey Group and A. Connely Ltd, who are all Greater Manchester based businesses. The Warrington based The Bell Group is also among the five companies who have been named as the five main contractors during this construction work.

The programme of works will include fitting more kitchens in around 720 homes, new bathrooms for 660 properties, 700 to have new windows installed and approximately 1,200 homes will have new doors installed. The investment programme will also see major refurbishment carried out on a number of ageing tower blocks including Canon Green Court in Broughton, and Fitzwarren Court and Albion Towers in Pendleton.

This three-year programme of work is the second phase of a project that will see Salix invest a total of £75 million. This investment has been made to make all of Salix Homes properties reach the Decent Homes standard. In order to contribute further, Salix Homes will also be a part of a number of apprenticeship opportunities available in the area. For every £1 million invested by Salix two apprenticeships for local people will be created.


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