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Spelsberg-UK-Launches-Free-Assistance-on-enclosureanswers delivers free expert advice to their customers which could allow them to find the right electrical enclosure to suit their needs. Making sure that you pick the right enclosure is vital as it could have a significant impact on profit and loss for the project.

Making a larger order of over-specified enclosures could eat into a projects margins, whereas a poorly specified solution could then lead to long-term performance problems which could them lead to warranty claims and worse. In order to make sure that customers make the right decision, has been established. This service offers an opportunity for customers to approach industry experts in order to get advice and ask technical questions from areas such as enclosure specification and installation.

The website is free to use and has been launched by the largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic electrical enclosures in the UK, Spelsberg UK. Spelsberg has developed a reputation for delivering high quality standard and customised solutions while also offering low lead times on all of their orders. The company noticed an increase in the number of technical questions being asked by their customers and decided to take action and create a service to directly handle them.

The company has noticed that over the course of the last decade, more and more customers have been turning to Spelsberg UK in order to get expert advice as well as engineering services. The cause for this could be the increase in savvy buying culture which has grown more since the recession. More technical questions could also be due to the wider range of solutions and options that are becoming available from manufacturers such as Spelsberg UK. The free service is available from the company with no obligation that the customer buys from them after, in order to offer assistance and make sure that the correct solution is chosen.


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