Students as Country Marketing Managers

Trendhim, Danish design founded in 2007 offers men more than 5132 products, within a click, thanks to Mikkel Andersen and Sebastian. Currently booming in 19 European markets, competing against every European professional,  Trendhim faces a new challenge: Students as Country marketing managers.

What can you do when you have to adapt and adjust your business to the demands of 19 European markets and you do not have the necessary language skills? Trendhim has the answer.

Hire University students to carry out the commercialization on the different European powers.

As the founders of Trendhim explained, at the beginning everything was going well, they had specific translations, but as the business grew, they encountered challenges in most of their daily operations. In particular, in the marketing side, they were not able to keep their markets up to date.

They had to find an alternative solution to the translator. They had to ensure that the different markets had a reasonable market position, as the Danish market.

Sounds easy, but Trendhim covers one of the most competitive markets: men’s accessories, such as bracelets, neckties, earrings for men and lapel pins, among many other men’s accessories. These types of products are sold in many online shops, for that reason the market is highly pressured.

“We have learned that surviving in this market requires optimizing the website continuously and marketing is the key to success.” – Establishes Martin Højbjerg Christiansen – CTO in Trendhim.

Here is where Horsens, where Trendhim’s headquarters are located, offers them incredible opportunities.

VIA University, Denmark’s largest university, with an emphasis on applied sciences, offers Trendhim new employees to build an international marketing department.

Therefore, Trendhim solved their challenge thanks to these students and their intercultural skills, who contribute to the company, giving their best to increase the sales and profits of their assigned market.

Currently booming in 19 European markets, competing against every European professional,  Trendhim faces a new challenge: Students as Country marketing managers.

Sara Lopez Alaguero, ICT Engineering student at VIA University and Spanish marketing manager explains:

“It is very difficult to get a job in Spain, and almost impossible to find a job when you are a student and therefore you don’t have any experience. I has never imagined I would find a student job related to marketing, and even less that I would be responsible for an entire market. It’s hard to hear from the ones back in Spain, who have lots of experience and are struggling to get a low paid job.”

Trendhim has given these students the opportunity to start their business careers in marketing. This demonstrates how in Denmark and more specifically in Trendhim, the number of experience one has, the field in which one is specialized, is not valued, they give everyone a chance to improve themselves. If you don’t know something, it’s only a matter of time until you learn.


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