THSP’s new Risk Assessment Builder Available on Open Market

THSP has announced that their Risk Assessment Builder is now available to purchase on the open market. The Risk Assessment Builder has been advertised as revolutionary and set to transform the industry. So far the product has received a range of great reviews and has also been shortlisted for two awards already.

Risk Assessment is a part of the industry that appears to be here for good, ensuring a safe environment for colleagues while work is being carried out. Therefore, a system that would allow those responsible for completing Risk Assessments through a simpler process is beneficial. It is also important that if anything does happen, the system that has been used to carry out the Risk Assessment has credibility in court.

The THSP’s Health and Safety Director has said that the new Risk Assessment builder offered will cut down paperwork by carrying out the assessment needed for a task in a single document as opposed to a range of different documents for each activity. The Risk Assessment Builder has been challenged in a way that would challenge the assessor to think about the process before assessing the risk. This prior assessment than means that any elements of the task can be eliminated for the work is being carried out and the risk will be reduced.

The Assessment also displays how much residual risk rating has been reduced by implementing a range of additional control measures. If the assessor is not satisfied by the level of risk for a task, the assessment can be amended to make sure that the level of risk is acceptable.

The THSP Risk Assessment Builder offers an annual subscription for five users, including an administrator for 12 months. Additional users can be added to the system when required with company logos which can also be added to help the staff take more responsibility for their assessments.


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