7 ways to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to go to bed every night feeling like you have just booked into a luxury hotel? When it comes to home makeovers many of us try to emulate the ultimate hotel experience in our bedroom, but it’s not always as easily achievable as you first think. For a start, your makeover more than likely doesn’t come with a maid to make your bed, ensure sheets are pristine and crisp, replace wet towels and re-stock the minibar!

Without the luxury of a housemaid, you can still bring a touch of the ambience and elegance afforded by a chic hotel into your bedroom. Here are 7 ways you can upscale your sleeping area to make you feel like you’re in the lap of luxury every single night.

  1. Spare no expense and push the boat out for a lavish king-size bed and luxury mattress

A huge, luxury bed is the crowning glory of any sophisticated hotel room. If you are serious about transforming and reorganizing your bedroom  at home to compare with the experience at a luxury hotel, your old bed with a sagging mattress absolutely has to go. For a comfortable and supportive mattress, with a bedframe to match, consult a bed expert, such as Snug Interiors. They’ll be able to advise you on everything bed-related to get you the perfect sleeping platform for you and your home.

  1. Splash out on some expensive bed linens

Exquisite sheets are an absolute must. Don’t think thread count doesn’t matter; it does. Crisp, white sheets in a satin weave with a thread count of 420 will get you the indulgent feel of the sheets you would expect to find in a luxury hotel. Don’t go for a thread count less than 300, and be wary of sheets made from twisted or multiple-ply yarn, which have a rougher feel than single yarn. Satin weave also has a softer feel and an elegant sheen. Purchase two or three bedding sets so you always have a freshly laundered set of bed linen on hand, and change your sheets at least once every week.

  1. Invest in matching sconces for a warm and romantic glow

Just because your bedroom isn’t on show to guests, don’t skimp on the extras like lighting. All too often a pre-loved light shade ends up in the bedroom. Nearly all hotel rooms have matching bed-side lamps or sconces to enable you to turn off the overhead light and create a cosy and romantic glow. Invest in some attractive sconces, and use lower wattage light bulbs to add to the ambience.

  1. Pick a plush carpet or a sumptuous rug

Stepping out of bed in a luxury hotel is always a dream with plush carpet or a sumptuous rug underfoot. Don’t skimp on flooring in the bedroom. A plush carpet or luxurious rug will be bliss when you get up in the morning, especially during the winter. As the bedroom doesn’t have the problem of high footfall, you can choose a more delicate fabric, or a longer more luxurious pile.

  1. Splurge on a pair of indulgent bathrobes

Plush, fluffy bathrobes are the boudoir signature of any luxe hotel. To bring back memories of your favourite posh hotel break, simply call up the hotel and ask if they can sell you a couple of their robes. Lots of luxury hotels let you take robes home with you and charge it to your room bill when you leave.

  1. Plan for the ultimate en suite

If there’s one home improvement you should plan for, it’s to have a luxury en suite bathroom to go with your master bedroom. If you don’t have an en suite, see if there’s a way you can pinch a bit from another room to add one. If you already have an en suite be sure to give it a makeover to give it that luxury hotel feel.

Just because your en suite isn’t going to be used by guests, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the investment and make a stunning feature of it. Revamp your bathroom with a new suite, a rainfall shower, a heated towel rail, and if possible underfloor heating. Don’t forget to add luxury soaps, shampoos and huge fluffy towels. For a really striking and luxurious bathroom, consult a bathroom design specialist.

  1. Don’t forget to declutter

No matter how much money you throw at your bedroom, if the room is filled with clutter you’ll never achieve the look and feel of a luxury hotel room. Make sure all clothes, jewellery, shoes and other bedroom paraphernalia are all neatly put away at the end of every day. Get rid of anything you don’t need, use or wear. A good declutter will bring you the neat and tidy bedroom and peaceful surroundings you are aiming for.


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