AEI Cables Add to Portfolio with New Amtech Electrical Software


AEI Cables, the specialist supplier has announced that they have added a further service to their portfolio in order to allow the company to work more closely with building designers. The new electrical software that has been adopted by the specialist supplier has been delivered to the company from Amtech.

The software that has been delivered will odd designers to adapt their specification in a simpler process, for each specific project. The commercial Manager of AEI Cables, Stuart Dover has said that the new Amtech electrical software has been adopted by the supplier in order to help the company better understand the needs of the building designer. This more sophisticated software has been adopted in order to help the building designers.

The new software will allow the specialist supplier of cables to work more closely with their building designers on projects in order to offer a more diverse range of products that are used for the maximum benefit of customers around the world. The company is one of the most respected cable suppliers in the world.

When operating in the electrical supply chain, a business is only as successful as the projects that they work on. Therefore, whether looking to design and manage a project or to track the progress being made across the job, sites operated on by a company, it is important to make sure that you have the right tools on hand that will help to design electrical circuits.

The software that has been created by Amtech allows the designers, consultants and contractors to create and managed the specification documents with access to a comprehensive library of all of the latest and applicable technical guidance in order to deliver a fully robust building construction specification for each project.

Ducab is the parent company of AEI Cables and all AEI Cables are supplied with approvals from a range of independent bodies such as BASEC and LPCB which cover the design, manufacture and supply of their products.


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