Search Show Builders Spend the Most Time on Tea Breaks


A survey, carried out by on UK workers in the construction industry has shown that builders spend on average 130 hours each year taking tea breaks. This average is thought to be 20.34 hours higher that the average British worker, who is estimated to spend 109.66 hours making tea annually. Healthcare came at the bottom in this survey, spending just 23.5 hours per year on tea breaks.

The research was carried out by the leading household appliances retailer in order to look into the eating and drinking habits of those in the building workplace. The research showed that 82% of construction workers feel that regular tea breaks are beneficial for their productivity. Those who responded to the survey felt that six minutes was the ideal time period for a tea break and that these breaks should be taken on average five times each day, not including lunchtime. This means that on average builders spend around 30 minutes each day on tea breaks.

The humble cup of tea still remains a favourite among builders despite the increased popularity of coffee and the rise of coffee culture. The survey carried out by Appliances Direct showed that 56% of those asked said tea was their drink of choice during the break. In the same survey, coffee came in second place, receiving 38% of the vote.

The data collected by the household appliances has uncovered a range of interesting habits connected to the British workplace, working habits, and workplace break habits specifically in the construction industry. It is good news that British people take regular breaks while working to grab a drink and it has been recommended that whether you work at a desk, in a shop, a factory or a building site, it is important to get away from your workstation for a small number of minutes at regular intervals throughout the day in order to improve productivity.


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