Bewley Homes plc Successfully Raise Money for Expansion


Bewley Homes has announced that they have successfully managed to raise an additional £55 million funding in order to help the company to support the growth of their rapidly expanding business. The funding has been raised by Bewley Homes plc from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

The business has successfully become a major contributor to the housing supply in the areas that the company operates in. Over the past five years, with Andrew Brooks in the role of Managing Director, the housebuilding business has seen a significant level of growth over the course of the past five years with a turnover that has increased from £20 million in 2012 to £120 million in 2017.

With the economic and political environment at the moment, it is vital that more housing is produced. The additional funding that has been raised by Bewley Homes will help the company to further support their business through the acquisition of new housing as well as providing additional funding to help to support the business in the acquisition and development of land, which will then allow the housebuilders to work towards meeting the need for housing in the areas they work in.

Bewley Homes plc works to offer high quality new homes in desirable locations since starting to operate in 1991. Bewley Homes is well known for its quality and property portfolio in a range of desirable locations. The company has managed to deliver a sustained level of growth over the years, and has used their strong reputation in order to earn the support of Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking. The sustained growth experienced by the company has taken place alongside the increase in demand for high quality housing across the South East of the country.

Lloyds Bank is showing their support for Bewley Homes in order to help support a vital part of the UK economy as a part of the Bank’s dedication to help Britain to prosper.


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