Devoran Materials Reaches Fit for Nuclear Status


Devoran Metals has become the first reinforcing steel company operating in the UK to achieve the Fit for Nuclear status. The company has been working tirelessly for two years to adjust their processes and products in order to improve to this accreditation level.

The steel company is the leading supplier of reinforcing steel and concrete reinforcement products. Devoran Materials also offers a range of construction accessories, chemicals and formworks products. The business has more than 50 years of experience supplying the construction industry with these products and also offer customers a full automated production for fast and efficient processing of orders.

The Fit for Nuclear programme has been set up in order to help UK manufacturing companies get into the right position to bid for the work on offer in the civil nuclear supply chain. The nuclear supply chain has a range of opportunities for manufacturers and businesses that comply with the Fit for Nuclear accreditation, such as new build, operations and decommissioning.

In order to obtain the Fit for Nuclear status, interested companies need to measure their operations against the rigorous standards that would be required to operate in the nuclear industry. Achieving this status means that Devoran Metals have been recognised for their hard work and commitment. The awarding of the new standard also means that Devoran will have access to a wide range of new opportunities for the company to make the most of.

A number of industry leaders are starting to use the Fit for Nuclear status in order to find potential companies to join their own supply chains. Having the Fit for Nuclear status means that Devoran have compared their performance against the top tiers of the nuclear industry. Devoran Metals is one of only two businesses in Cornwall to have been given the Fit for Nuclear recognition.


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