Hiab, one of the world’s leading providers of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services and digitally connected solutions has announced the launch of their new Hiab HiConnect(™) platform. Hiab is a part of Cargotec, and is working on creating a range of innovative solutions for use in the load handling industry.

This new HiConnect platform will be made available by Hiab as a connected device for its customers and will enhance the productivity of Hiab equipment in their client’s fleet. Customers that use this newly released platform will have access to real-time insights into their equipment utilisation, operation and condition. With the information available through this platform, Hiab customers will be able to actively make decisions that could reduce downtime and optimise their performance. At the moment, customers have access to limited manual-input insights for their equipment with a lack of information available in regards to utilisation rate, condition and operation.

HiConnect will offer the breakdown of information for their equipment through the use of web-based dashboards with clear and simple overviews that can offer a status monitoring, service planning and help to improve the operation of each unit and each operator. HiConnect has been developed in collaboration with a number of selected customers with multi-market pilots that have been tested since 2015. The platform offers a range of different tiers and business critical insights that can be tailored for specific needs and fleet size.

The use of modern technology has changed the way that businesses operate and the combination of Hiab ProCareTM contract and HiConnect Hiab customers will be able to benefit from increased efficiency, productivity and safety across their business processes. The business is working on making sure that all Hiab equipment is connected by 2018 in a move that will deepen customer relationships with customers as well as develop a number of new ways of adding value to their business.