IDC Design Prison Chair


The Government has been investing significantly into the creation of new accommodation for prisoners recently. The Industrial Design Consultancy, or IDC has been working in the same area, focusing on designing a safer seat to be installed in prison cells.

The aim of the IDC is to create chairs which are suicide and vandal resistant as well as fire retardant and still cost-effective to produce. On top of all this it is important for the IDC to design a chair that is difficult to hold or throw in order to avoid the furniture being used as a weapon.

The IDC is the world’s leading consultants for product development and has been using its creativity, insight, experience and expertise in order to deliver the best possible products while also offering the best possible profits for their clients. The company has ISO compliant processes and facilities in London and Shanghai, and the company has a range of experts in research, design, mechanical and electronics engineering as well as rapid prototyping. The consultants at the IDC are sued in order to create award-winning products that are available on the global market.

Thousands of these newly designed chairs have already been installed by HM Prison Service in cells throughout the country, and the design is now available to order from the IDC.

It is thought that Prisoner Suicide is the main problem that the prison service face. The prisoners that are deemed to be high-risk have to be housed in specialised cells in order to offer extra security and protection. Because of the challenges faced with prisoner suicide, the chair that has been developed by the IDC is safer than traditional furniture. The design has smoother surfaces and ligature points in order to protect against both suicide and vandalism. The IDC used their depth of knowledge of materials and processes in order to select the right materials that would be able to withstand an impact and abrasive attack while also being able to conform to the strict requirements that are in place for fire, smoke and toxicity.


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