LetBritain Research Shows Move Toward Online Only Services


Research has been carried out that shows consumers are moving away from the traditional, offline, high street estate agents. LetBritain has carried out a survey on a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK adults.

The research published has shown that there has been a mass consumer exodus from the more traditional high street offices. One of the main sentiments expressed during the survey is one of widespread frustration in regards to the slow and more cumbersome high street letting agents.

Virtual letting agency LetBritain has uncovered this transition as a part of their exploration into consumer sentiment. The nationally representative survey has shown that more than half of the participants regularly go online to obtain the majority of the products and services that they use. 45% of the 2,000 participants favour online services over the ones that would require them to go into a physical premise. A whopping 29% of the respondents have said that they would actively avoid using a business that does not offer an online service. Looking at the location of the participants, it would appear that those in the capital are considered to be the most technologically demanding, with 625 of the Londoners involved in the survey choosing online solutions, and 51% consciously making the decision to avoid businesses without an online service.

Across a range of UK industries, the offering of digital solutions enhances the accessibility, transparency and quality of the services that are made available to consumers. In response to this, the majority of the UK society has feels that businesses that do not have an online presence or that require a significantly higher amount of offline communication will be replaced in the next 10 years with an online-only or app-based solution.

LetBritain also saw the consumer dissatisfaction was prevalent mostly in the letting market, with renters and landlords discontented at the lack of a quick, accessible and easy online service available for those looking to rent a property.


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