Pave Aways Expand as They Aim for 25% Increase in Turnover


Pave Aways, the Midlands based building contractor has revealed that they have plans for an increase in turnover. The construction company has ambitiously set the target for a 25% increase in their already multi-million-pound turnover. It is thought that this increase will be connected to their plans to expand their own headquarters.

The building contractor works on projects across the Shropshire, Mid and North Wales area and is currently in the process of constructing an office extension at their headquarters in Knockin, close to Oswestery. This new extension has been valued at £200,000, but there will also be a further investment of £250,000 in to hiring new staff. This expansion should hopefully help the company to reach their target of £35 million turnover by 2025.

More than 100 construction and administrative staff are employed by Pave Aways and the turnover for 2017 is expected to be around £28 million. This figure, if achieved will be £3 million higher than last year’s turnover. The company started as a civil engineering company in 1973 that focused primarily on groundworks, hard landscaping and the construction of paths, drives and roads. The company has since expanded into the building construction sector, with a management buyout taking place in 2011. At the time of the buyout, the business turnover was only £13 million. Now the building contractor has a £8.3 million new production facility in their portfolio, a project being carried out for an automotive manufacturer as well as a £4.6 million warehouse and production centre in Welshpool and a number of other large scale projects.

The company have expanded over the years and has now covers a range of full building construction services, despite the simplicity of the name. However, the company has developed a strong reputation with their Pave Aways name, and will remain as the company carries out a range of sustainable growth strategies.


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