Systemair Launch new Geniox Air Handling System


Systemair has announced the launch of Geniox in order to offer a product that can improve the energy efficiency of ventilation systems. Systemair is a leading ventilation company and has launched the new air handling units.

It is thought that ventilation accounts for around 40% of a building’s energy consumption, this means that there is significant potential in this area of construction to improve. The changes that have taken place in the construction industry means that the new buildings are better insulated in order to save the owner or tenant money on heating. This insulation increases the need for ventilation, which is then required to perform at a higher level to achieve the ideal indoor climate.

Ventilation has also been highlighted as one of the focus points of the Ecodesign directive which has come from the European Commission. This directive is implemented in three steps. The first step took place on January 1st 2016 and the next are planned for 2018 and 2020. It is important that energy efficiency remains at the forefront of design and development, therefore any ideas that can improve energy consumption are welcomed.

The Geniox air handling unit is delivered in modules and can be assembled by installers on the site. Systemair has offered a delivery solution that reduces delivery and improves the product handling and service for customers. The new system has a different casing to the ones designed by the company previously. The casing of this unit is more aesthetically pleasing and thermally insulated panels have been developed and used in construction in order to have high tightness values and therefore reduce thermal bridging. The casing has also been created to comply with the class D1 and airtightness class L2. These classifications are better than previous units launched by Systemair.

Systemair has in the past delivered a number of different brands in air handling units. However, this new range has now been spread across the entire company. The widespread use of this system meant that Systemair is able to deliver an excellent level of service to customers no matter where they are located or what industry they are in.


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