VPS Site Security’s Stay Alert, Don’t Get Hurt Campaign


A Construction Safety Campaign has been launched in order to try and reduce the number of accidents that take place when the clocks go back. It is thought that the number of accidents reported increases by as much as 30% when the clocks go back, as darker mornings and evenings arrive and weather conditions get worse in the winter months.

This year the end of daylight saving will take place on 2 am on Sunday 29th October, and the clocks will go back one hour. There are only a few statistics that record the accidents that take place on construction sites after the autumn time change. However, the road casualties that are recorded by the RoSPA and a range of telematics companies demonstrate the potential risks that construction and site workers may face.

Every Autumn when the clocks go back, it gets darker earlier in the day, and road casualties rise by as much as 30% between the hours of 5 pm and 8 pm. The month after daylight saving change, road casualties rise by 10% overall. It has also been recorded that during this period, more thefts occur during the darker late afternoons.

VPS are working to highlight their Stay Alert, Don’t Get Hurt Daylight Safety Campaign, with 5 simple steps to help reduce risks in the darker working day. Firstly, VPS recommends issuing an alert on Monday October 23rd and Friday 27th October. The alteration in sleeping pattern could have an impact on alertness, so sleeping patterns must be adjusted accordingly. Secondly it is vital that construction companies make sure that their lighting on site is sufficient and install extra lighting if necessary to improve the safety of the site. Next, it is important that improved safety is carried out to deter theft and trespassing as well as ensuring a safety audit for the site. Also, as another safety point, it is important to inspect all fencing on the perimeter of the site and access points thoroughly to watch for and mend weaknesses. Finally, using the Stay Alert, Don’t Get Hurt Safety Campaign poster can offer a reminder to everyone working on the site to change their habits to suite the darker evenings and help to reduce accidents.


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