Buying a home is normally considered the largest purchase that anyone will ever make. Because of the enormity of such a purchase, buyers want every assurance that their home is the quality investment hey think it is and all that hard work was worth it. The Home Builders Federation’s Star Rating Scheme was launched in 2005 as a part of the national survey of house builders. This rating system is a renowned industry benchmark and is an effective and nationally recognised way of identifying quality house builders when looking for a new home.

The Scheme works by awarding stars for the level of customer satisfaction that has been achieved. The scheme also offers any prospective buyers a clear indication of the level of customer service standards on offer from each house builder in their area. Because of the public rating system, companies are thein encouraged to deliver excellence in order to improve or maintain their rating and drive future sales. The public star rating scheme that has been set up by the Home Builders Federation also sets a competitive standard between companies to aim for.

Barratt Homes have been showcasing their commitment to this Star Rating Scheme, and has been a five-star housebuilder for eight consecutive years. The company has said that one of the shining stars for the company is the Mill Brae Site Manager, David Oliver. Having won several Pride in the Job awards from the NHBC over the course of this extensive career, David Oliver has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to delivering quality on behalf of Barratt Homes.

The only way that a homebuilding company can receive the full five-star rating as a part of the Home Builder’s Federation Scheme is to earning a consistently high score in the national survey for house builders. This meant that customers have to express their happiness and satisfaction with every single aspect of the buying experience as well as with the product itself. Barratt Homes intends to maintain this rating and, in order to do this, operate a comprehensive sign off process in order to make sure that each home is finished to the same exacting standards.