Beele Engineering International Nuclear Workshops


The development of new and sustainable energy types which are increasingly being focused on as the availability of fossil fuels diminishes rapidly. Beele Engineering wants to make sure that they continue to play a vital role as a part of these markets.

In the wind energy market, the company’s products have a variety of applications such as in offshore wind farms. The nuclear industry has also expressed an interest in the products and services on offer by Beele Engineering. A delegation of engineers from the TVO and Fortum nuclear power plants located in Finland and Tractebel in Belgium recently visited the Dutch engineering company in order to explore this avenue.

The development of a successful nuclear workshop is a precursor to the creation of workshops and core sessions that are expected to be held in Sealing Valley, a location that is currently under construction. The Centre of Excellence being created will include space for knowledge transfer, research, development, testing, education and training all in one location in a campus style environment.

One of the most recent workshops focused on applying the systems that have been developed by Beele Engineering to be used specifically in the nuclear industry. All of the tests that have been specified for these new services have been successfully carried out. Beele Engineering is already involved in the nuclear industry, and has been for a number of years. In 2009, the company managed to provide the Finnish-based nuclear power operator, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj with fire-resistant and watertight transit systems. The Aalten-based engineering business delivered products that were not only fire-resistant, but also resistant to gas and smoke and watertight. The safety features of the solution offered by Beele Engineering will help to prevent accidents such as the Fukushima plant in 2011.

Beele Engineering also works for the improved safety of power plants around the world. The company delivers training and certifying for installers as well as refresher courses. The training takes place with the support of an independent institute like KIWA Nederland.


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