Boulting Group Complete Health and Safety for Offshore Windfarm Work


Seven employees from Boulting Group, the engineering solutions provider have successfully managed to complete a GWO accredited offshore wind health and safety survival training course. The completion of this globally recognised course will allow bolting Group to further expand their operations into the offshore renewable energy sector.

Taking part in this intensive training course was one engineer, five electricians and one supervisor from Boulting Group. During the course, which took place over seven days, the team covered a range of different modules for sea survival which includes first aid, manual handling, fire awareness and working at height and rescue.

The presence of offshore wind is considered to be the future of power for the United Kingdom. In September 2017, the cost of wind power fell to almost half the price of nuclear power, the boom in this energy source has led to a high demand in qualified engineering firms with the experience required to work on such projects.

Boulting Group has a wealth of experience working in the energy sector, particularly with oil, gas and renewables. The company has always made sure that health and safety was at the centre of every operation that is carried out. In order to maintain their commitment to quality, the company’s workers undergo comprehensive training in order to ensure their impeccable health and safety record continues, even with the challenging environments that would be created by working on offshore facilities.

As a part of their expansion into this sector, Boulting’s team are required to stay in offshore accommodation, provided by a jack up vessel which is moored adjacent to the substation platform. The team as part of these works will then be required to live in the turbulent, dangerous offshore conditions while working night shifts on a two week on, one week off rotation. After the training, the team will now be able to provide a wide range of services to both the offshore and onshore portions of the project.


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