CP Automation Release New Harmonic Filters


CP Automation, the specialist company that works to install, repair and replace automation equipment has launched their latest range of harmonic filters. These filters have been designed to be used to reduce the harmonic distortion that is caused by variable speed drives.

The harmonic filters that have been released by the specialist automation company include the Revcon RHF-A and the RHF-B. The company have made sure that their new product range deliver to the highest possible standard, and to ensure that the performance claims of these new filters are valid, CP Automation have analysed both of their new filter models in a series of different tests.

VSD’s are products that make Harmonic noise. This noise then travels back to the transformer and can then have an impact on the signal that is generated there. This distortion in the transformer then has a knock on effect on the voltage and can lead to the overheating of the entire system. The design of these new harmonic filters lead to a reduction in the noise created by the VSD at the earliest point in order to help prolong the life of all of the equipment.

CP Automation’s newly released range of Revcon passive harmonic filters have been designed so that they are easy to retrofit into existing applications. The new filters come with the additional benefit of not needing routine maintenance. Revcon has stated that the RFH-A and the RHF-B in order to reduce the harmonic current distortion to 10% and 5% respectively. In order to further support the benefits of these filters, the figures have also been cross referenced as a part of a test with a standard 6-pulse VSD and DC Choke.

The research carried out by the company showed that without a harmonic filter there was a distortion of 36%, and the RFH-A reduces this distortion to 6.2% during normal operation. In the same tests, the RHF-B cuts the distortion down to 2.5%.


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