Drone Major Group Promoting Use of Drones in Construction Industry


The launch of the Drone Major Group in September was seen as a significant turning point for the drone industry. Newly launched company works to deliver a range of critical connectivity services for the drone industry. The Drone Major Group have created a Drone Major portal that can be utilised to help improve the sale of drones related to the construction industry. The portal has been created to offer to help inform a range of potential buyers about the widespread applications that are available for drones.

It has been well reported that Britain is in need of more homes, and the sooner they are delivered, the better. From the social housing sector to the private housing stock, more and more people are struggling to find somewhere to live, being faced with long waiting lists and endless red tape to fight through. However, it would appear that developers and the public sector are starting to pay attention to the demand. However, the pace of construction has been one of the main hindrances to change.

In order to combat this, companies are using drones to help construction firms to help take on the housing crisis. The use of drones has had an influence on cost efficiency of site surveying as well as speeding up the overall delivery time of the projects. Those who work on a construction project in order to deliver the development and maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure are also seeing significant benefits from the use of drones on the project. An example of this is West Sussex County Council has been using drones in order to survey the county’s bridges in partnership with a leading international infrastructure group. This use of technology is another example of the improvements that can be made to efficiency, speed of delivery and cost reduction for a range of different tasks in the construction industry.

Grone Major Group has been working to connect a number of key players with the creation of one worldwide drone revolution involving any industry from private operators to manufacturers. The Drone Major portal is a central part of this idea and allows for industry connectivity.


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