Eon UK PLC Supplied Welfare Unit from Blue Castle Group


Energy company Eon UK PLC has been hosting a week of health and safety briefings for their team members in Coventry. As a part of this week-long event, the company also had display a new generation of welfare units, ideal for industrial use, on construction sites and landscaping sites or projects. This new unit differs from the more traditional welfare units as they are solar powered as opposed to running on fossil fuels.

Blue Castle Group’s solar powered welfare units offer modern, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the standard fossil fuel powered units. The unit has been ergonomically designed in order to offer a space for resting and eating, drying and changing clothes, offering access to drinking water, sanitary conveniences and access to washing facilities.

These new anti-vandal mobile units also make the most of solar technology, telemetry and enhanced interiors to offer a superior on site solution. The facilities offer the most up to date use of technology to deliver a good economic use of space and deliver a cost effective, environmentally efficient alternative to the standard fossil fuel welfare units.

The solar powered welfare units also offer the potential annual savings of up to 60% for generators, a saving of CO2 emissions of more than 40,000kg. Because of the solar power, and lack or requirement for generators above occasional use means that there is a saving for the service cost of the generators of £1,750 and a potential breakdown cost saving of as much as £1,200. Blue Castle also offers their customers full training at the company premises, this is so that the units can be installed on site with the minimum level of disruption caused. The training includes standard Health and Safety information, operating instructions for the deployment of the unit, under gear maintenance, fault finding training, wheel replacement, pre-hire checks, generator engine maintenance and towing checks and legislations.


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