Construction work is underway for a new community centre located on Tarling Road, East Finchley. This community centre will be used to house a group who have recently been made homeless by a fire. The new community centre will be the new base for the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association, who saw their previous home destroyed by a fire that happened in 2013. This new Tarling Road Community Hub will replace the Old Barnet community centre and will feature a range of new updated facilities including a large space for learning as well as a large meeting hall and a cafe with seating area.

The plans to build the centre have been approved by the planning committee from Barnet Council in March last year. It was thought that around 100 people attended the consultations in order to see what the new community centre would look like.

The Mayor of Barnet has said that is treat that work is underway at the site and when completed the area will once again have a community centre. When the project is completed, Tarling Road will hold a fit for purpose new facility that all of the local community groups will be able to make use of. This will be of great benefit to the local community and the feedback to the plans for the site have been positive.

The construction work will for the Tarling Road Community Hub will be led by Graham Construction. The Graham group offers a range of services such as construction, investment projects and asset management. The Group has carried out a large number of projects for a range of different sectors, from education, healthcare, community, commercial, residential, leisure, hotels, transport and restoration and heritage. The projects completed by Graham includes the Seaborne Library for the University of Chester, Royston Care Home in Edinburgh and Lews Castle in Stornoway.