Straightpoint Develop new Wireless Linear Displacement Transducer


Straightpoint have revealed that construction and other professionals will be able to measure force, load and distance their products as the company launches their Wireless Linear Displacement Transducer.

Straightpoint, the Hampshire based manufacturing company already offers an extensive range of force measurement and load cell products. This range of product will now be complemented by this new Transducer that has been made by the UK manufacturer. The new Wireless Linear Displacement Transducer is now available in different stroke lengths, ranging from 25mm to 200mm. This different stroke length means that the product is able to more accurately measure displacement or movement in a variety of applications that are presented by the construction, civil engineering, aerospace and a variety of other sectors.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, the Director of Straightpoint, David Ayling has said that the Wireless Linear Displacement Transducer has been developed in the same way as a number of their product, as a reaction to demand. There are instances where a user is measuring the force or load, and requires the distance measurement as well. An example of this is wanting to know how high something has been jacked up, or how much a building has shifted. This new product is robust and inherently frictionless, and works to present a mean time between failures and has a capacity of more than of 100 million cycles when properly used.

The industry has already found the software package that is used by all Straightpoint products versatile and user friendly with wireless load cell control, display and a data logging tool that is designed for use on a range of Windows PC Platforms. Straight point has offices around the UK and the US and has been working for more than 40 years to provide load cells to companies based around the world in order to make sure that their loads are safe to lift, offload, pull or push.


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