Top Modern Home Decorating & Interior Design Trends

Interior design and decor changes seasonally throughout the years just like fashion. Today’s modern trends are definite proof of this – the interior of your home practically reflects the time in which we exists.

Since we are always trying to make ourselves feel more comfortable and still keep up with trends, redecorating our home is a normal part of everyday life. Adding a pop of color or removing it, using oversized elements or simply accentuating a corner in the living room with a small seating chair – everything is available on the market and made even easier with online shops nowadays. Still, some trends seem to have been better accepted than others, and following are the ones that have definitely deserved the fame they recently achieved.


A major trend in today’s modern homes is the presence of all kinds of  texture. You could achieve this effect by simply adding some massive curtains and letting them hang in a way that makes them multidimensional.

Any other decor items that can appear as multi-dimensional is just as likely to work. For those of you on a tighter budget can start off with an unusual picture frame. An easy trick that is not often used but can look fantastic is hanging your frame sideways so that the corners point towards the ceiling and floor. Obviously, when using this technique the picture must still be placed correctly and not be slanted as well.  Those with a decoration fund can spice things up with multiple light fixtures or even chandeliers. It doesn’t have to require the US Powerball lottery jackpot – its prizes will most likely get you on the real estate market rather than the flea market looking for crystals.

Exotic Elements

The tropical theme is  a never-ending source of inspiration, and even though they haven’t been present in every season, it is time to bring them back. You could take it slow and purchase a neutral-colored sofa with a few green and yellow pillows. On the other hand, you could just as well spice things up and get a chair or a small yet thick rug with a tiger or zebra pattern.


In the spirit of social preservation, that is one of the most urgent matters of modern time, people are trying to make their homes green and eco-friendly. Keep a few green plants or create a rooftop garden, use up all the sun by installing windows to that whole part of the home, or just use cotton instead of synthetics when choosing fabric – these are little steps that will make quite a difference for your home décor and the environment.

Sharp & Geometrical

This trend reflects a completely different subject, that of gender equality. As women are becoming equally engaged in professional affairs as men, there is nothing to stop men from including themselves in home affairs. This gave birth to the more masculine design elements, distinguished for their sharpness and geometrical tendencies. Functionality is dominating as this trend will solely allow you to buy what you need, not what you want.


As much as it is in the past, every great designer has ultimately claimed the rightful place antiques should take up in your living room. It represents an appreciation of historical values and excellent craftsmanship, creating an air of timelessness.


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